Improving the codebase today

We made some progress last stream adding the first effect. We also improved the design a bit. The biggest issue we still have is the code… it is a mess!

Today we are going to fix that and try to have a little bit of fun with it!

First Effects

Today we started working on adding the first effect to the audio workstation. But before we dove into that we modified the design a bit and improved the sketch in Adobe XD. We added a slider control, added CSS styling for it and grouped that into a property editor. We wanted to add a retrigger effect. By the end of the stream, we had it almost working.

Playing a random beat

Today we started the stream with fixing a small bug with the volume in the audio player. Next, we started working on the track bar button to make it cycle colors and groups and we made sure it works in the track bar as well.

Then, we needed to add a similar thing to the waveform editor as well. This way we could select a group per segment. And play a randomized beat.