Electron and Vue

Today we made some progress, but mostly had fun… Finding new ways to torture the stream ⚡… We did add some Vue and Vuex code to our Electron app for Rosie our Twitch Chatbot.


  • Show 99 - When is 100?
  • Presentation Thursday, working on demo and slides tomorrow
  • Still no mirroring of Oculus
  • Made some progress on the app
  • !discord
  • !git
  • !merch

Project working on today

  • Getting the Trigger <- -> Action to work

Next Steps

  • Working on the events.

Things we learned

  • !fetii1: you should make a !funfact, that spits out a random fun fact about you
  • Chat wants to use !electroshock to get my attention…

Todays stream brought to you by

All the wonderful people that hung out with us in chat!


Name Raiders
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