The rebuild of Rosie begins

The stream support tools start to grow out of control, 2 console apps and 3 browser windows and still more to be added. During the previous stream we decided we might need to rebuild it into an Electron app.

OBS, Layouts and Shaders

I today’s stream we added some new shaders to OBS. We also fixed an issue with the speech recognotion.

Rosie and Midi

This stream we fixed a couple of issues in the Stream Deck MIDI plugin we’re building.

Until the MIDI plugin is in the official library, you can find it on the GitHub.

We also added 2 new sound effects to Rosie.

Zombie Massacre VR Game - Part 2

This live stream is HAUNTED! I was planning on working on the Zombie Massacre WebVR game, but ended the stream early. There seems to be a ghost haunting today…