Working on the adding delay stuff

In today’s stream, I continued developing our VR horror game, focusing on the Christmas-themed puzzle involving a Christmas tree. I set up a green screen and lighting, asking viewers for feedback on the setup. I worked on a puzzle from the last stream, adjusting the placement of ornaments and integrating them into the game using the Wonderland editor. The Christmas tree will signal when the puzzle is active by changing the color of certain ornaments to red, serving as a hint for the player.

The puzzle involves rotating objects to align them correctly, with five different objects placed in front of the player. I demonstrated the process of selecting and detaching ornaments from the tree to create separate meshes, which can then have their materials changed during gameplay. I also showed how to align these objects in Blender and discussed plans to export and test them in VR.

I encountered some issues with the mesh export but managed to resolve them by re-importing the objects. I then set up the materials for the puzzle, making the hint ornaments red for visibility during the stream, although they will start white in the actual game and turn red when the puzzle is active.

After committing my progress, I moved on to setting up the next act in the game, which involved changing the lighting and preparing to trigger sound effects. I discussed the task system I’ve developed for managing game events and how it allows for flexibility and ease of debugging. I also touched on the need for a sound effects manager, similar to the music manager, to handle sound events using FMOD.

I concluded the stream by acknowledging that I need to work out some details off-stream and thanked viewers for watching, inviting them to join the next stream where I’ll continue working on the story and puzzles.