OBS, Layouts and Shaders

I today's stream we added some new shaders to OBS. We also fixed an issue with the speech recognotion.

Want to add some shaders to OBS:

  • Grayscale
  • Invert
  • Colorize -> Make everything 1 color

eroketv suggested a shader with the formula abs(param - color.r),abs(param - color.g),abs(param - color.b) for a crazy effect. It turned out this effect gave a very nice shade when providing with .5.


  • !discord
  • !git

Project working on today

  • Adding some shaders to OBS
  • Getting speech recognition to work beter

Next Steps

  • Combining everything into 1 electron app

Things we learned

  • eroketv suggested another formula to create a shader

Todays stream brought to you by

All the wonderful people that hung out with us in chat!


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