Making rosie listen Rosie and overlay stuff

For a while, I wanted to turn Rosie, our Chatbot, into a voice assistant. Today we worked on that. We used the Web Speech API to do speech recognition. We started to connect to for the intents.


Timestamp Topic
0:00:00 Hello World
0:09:43 Giving a tour around Rosie and the layout system
0:35:14 Working the speech recognition
2:16:00 Connect to
2:41:25 The end


  • Improved the MIDI Extension, Great feedback!
  • Tried to create visual AI, face tracking and hand tracking. Unsuccessfull :(
  • !discord
  • !git

Project working on today

  • Want to make Rosie ’listen’ and respond to spoken commands

Next Steps

  • Add more intents
  • Connect intents to Chatbot code
  • Combine layouts and bot into 1 app. Possibly Electron.

Things to Review & Notes

  • [21:45] +wingysam: for (const module of fs.readdirSync('modules')) { const moduleExports = modules[] = }

  • [22:19] +wingysam: Btw VSCode understands JSDoc natively, just type /** above a function and it will spit out a jsdoc template with your function’s params

  • [22:25] +wingysam:


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