Adding more to Rosie

Adding a lot of smaller things to Rosie, our Chatbot today. The todo-list is groing and needs some work.


  • Last stream before going almost OTG for a couple of weeks, next stream exactly in one month on August 22
  • Hot in here. Heatwave, 91F/33C - 100F/37C later this week
  • Wife and 2 eldest are out, youngest asleep
  • !discord
  • !git
  • clip

Project working on today

  • Handle casing in colors parameter in !light
  • Fix !song - remove spotify and request current song from Player
  • Add !muted command with sound effect, light and chat message
  • Add !fbi sound effect
  • Add !yourewelcome sound effect
  • Add !wholelotta sound effect
  • Add !typing sound effect
  • Add voting system

Next Steps

  • Store !project and !beer in Azure table
  • Add a game

Today’s beer

Grolsch Kruidige Trippel LINK TO UNTAPPD

Things we learned

~~ is equal to Math.truncate. Math.floor might give unwanted responses when working with negative numbers.

Always think real hard about using !, !!, && and ||. This always goes wrong for some reason…

Timed messages from Rosie are better now. Might be improved a little bit. Not sure how.

Things to Review & Notes

fetishlace: nice article about whats inside :D ->

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