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Today we are finishing the Filter and the refactoring. We ended halfway through a refactoring, that’s something we need to finish before anything else.

We also fixed a few bugs in our chatbot, Rosie.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:04:15 How do the SFX and Bot work during the stream
00:09:20 Completing the refactoring of the filter control
00:44:59 Finish the filter
03:10:39 Fixing bugs in the Chatbot
03:36:32 Goodbye

Announcements and mentions

Project working on today

Next Steps

Things we learned

  • how to correctly use getters and setters in JavaScript

Things to Review & Notes

Joogurt: I have question, does image/gif render if opacity is set to 0? I made some tests and it seems they don’t. 2 gifs, one started with opacity 0 and one opacity 1. and they were off sync

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