Improving the model

This stream we spend pretty much the whole time on improving the model. This, so we can get the filters and other effects to work.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:04:18 Demo of the current state of the app
00:05:36 Get working on the filter
03:28:44 Goodbye


  • !blame, timed notes and !followage to Bot
  • Shout out to gaelLEVEL He did a review of our channel.
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  • !git
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Project working on today

Ultraviolent Junglist:

  • Improve design on Pattern Editor
  • Colors in Segment selection
  • Add more FX

Next Steps

  • Fix timed events in Rosie. After X messages, wait random minutes than post
  • Fix duplicate messages after follow

Things we learned

ProEvilz FireFox Developer still has the extion for debugging the web audio API

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Name Raiders
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