All the small things (2)

Today we are doing a lot of small things again. Not only on Ultraviolent Junglist, the audio workstation, but also on our chatbot Rosie.

During the first part of the stream, we added 3 new sound effects to the bot: !rewrite, !kickass and !explode. Next we added a new rainbow light effect. You can trigger this effect with !light rainbow during the stream. The last thing we added to the chatbot was a !blame command for blaming random stuff on random people.

For the audio workstation, we tried adding the BitCrusher effect. It sounds horrible. So we removed it again. Then we stared working on a component for the filter effects, like highpass and lowpass.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:05:00 Adding new sound effects
00:13:54 Adding the !light rainbow effect
00:36:42 Adding the !blame command
01:02:37 Explaining and fixing the link check
01:14:49 Getting stuff done on the DAW
02:57:49 Goodbye


  • Link check in bot
  • Still working on article on stream setup
  • !discord
  • !git
  • clip

Project working on today


  • Add Rainbow to light
  • Add a few sound FX
  • Add !blame {target} {reason}

Ultraviolent Junglist:

  • Started creating a component for the filters

Next Steps


  • Find the issue in the exploding emotes overlay. They seem to hang.

Ultraviolent Junglist

  • Improve design on Pattern Editor
  • Colors in Segment selection
  • Add more FX

Things we learned

  • SVG using <title> as well. Searching for it with $(“title) might result in more than one result.

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