All the small things

Today we had a couple of items we wanted to get out of the way. We added a feature to be able to play the entire sample. We finished the refactoring of the transport buttons. And we fixed a couple of bugs.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:10:50 Finish refactor of Start/Stop
00:49:32 Fix a bug in setting the tempo
01:01:46 Changing the number of segments of a sample
02:26:32 Play the entire sample
02:41:09 Combining the buttons
02:50:34 Goodbye


Project working on today

Next Steps

Things we learned

  • You can use ‘ @ ’ to refer to the root folder in Vue.js (webpack actually)
    • It turned out that this broke Storybook. To get it to work with storybook I added config.resolve.alias['@'] = path.resolve(__dirname, '../src'); to the webpack config of storybook.

Things to Review & Notes

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