First Effects

Today we started working on adding the first effect to the audio workstation. But before we dove into that we modified the design a bit and improved the sketch in Adobe XD. We added a slider control, added CSS styling for it and grouped that into a property editor. We wanted to add a retrigger effect. By the end of the stream, we had it almost working.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:06:52 Storybook
00:13:04 Demo of the app thus far
00:17:07 Working on the design
00:39:58 Adding the slider component
01:47:55 !beer of the day
02:19:13 Adding the property slider to the main UI
02:33:48 Working on the trigger effect
03:30:14 Goodbye


Project working on today

Next Steps

Today’s beer

Cornet by Brouwerij De Hoorn

  • Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Suggested Beer

Things we learned

  • fetishlace: In console you can do $0 for the selected element. $1-5 will find it are used for elements selected earlier.
  • fetishlace: Monitor the crafting of beer with a Raspberry PI using CraftBeerPi