Playing a random beat

Today we started the stream with fixing a small bug with the volume in the audio player. Next, we started working on the track bar button to make it cycle colors and groups and we made sure it works in the track bar as well.

Then, we needed to add a similar thing to the waveform editor as well. This way we could select a group per segment. And play a randomized beat.


Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Hello World
00:10:23 Fixing the volume in the music player
00:15:03 Making the track bar button clickable
01:02:20 Getting the track bar to work with the buttons
01:32:29 Creating the group selector
02:36:12 Playing the first randomized beat!
02:39:26 Goodbye


Project working on today

Next Steps

Things to Review & Notes

  • dare_devel_ops shared, a GoFundMe that raised money for The Winstons, who played the original Amen break. It’s actually a sad story, read the Wikipedia page and the Original GoFundMe if you want to learn more.

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