Working on my WebVR Game 🥽

During the stream, we worked on building a WebVR Game using A-Frame. For the most part, we worked getting the laser to glow.


Timestamp Topic
00:11 Hello World
00:19 Fixing the Websocket events in Rosie
00:41 Adding the glow to WebVR
03:51 A working green laser!!
03:56 Closing


  • Added an azure function and Stream labs api web socket
  • !discord, !git

Project working on today

  • fix the message Rosie is giving.
  • add a event for sub to show !light yellowhype
  • Get a glow in WebVR.

Next Steps

  • Rotate the transmitter, receiver and mirrors
  • Make the laser bounce of mirrors

Today’s beer

Cornet by De Hoorn

  • Belgian beer
  • Strong Golden Ale
  • Blond, 8.5%


Things to Review & Notes