Back To Space

Back To Space

40 years ago we thought we had defeated them. But they are back! Now it’s up to you! Shoot the invaders out of the sky in this space invaders-inspired game.


This game was built for the Js13k Games competition of 2019 and won the second prize. This entire game was built to fit in a 13KB zip file. The game is build with A-Frame and uses a custom shader for the line rendering.

Later the game got a few smaller upgrades and moved beyond the 13k. Although much of the original is still in place, the music got replaced with an MP3 to make the game load a lot faster. Also a scoreboard was introduced and Zesty ads are added. The game is permanently on the new tab page of the browser on Meta Quest and has over 1 million views.

Play the game at

View the original 13k games 2019 Jam entry