Semantic Kernel in VSCode

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Remember when I mentioned Rosie and how much it relies on Semantic Kernel ? Well, I’ve been diving deeper into this world and guess what? I stumbled upon a fantastic tool that’s been a game-changer for me – the Semantic Kernel VS Code extension. A great tool for testing and debugging prompts used within SK.

Setting Up the Workspace

First things first, getting the Semantic Kernel extension up and running in Visual Studio Code was easy. I just had to pop open the Extensions view (you know, that little square icon on the sidebar), type in “Semantic Kernel Tools”, and hit install. Voilà! I was ready to roll. You can also find the Semantic Kernel extension online if you prefer.

Crafting and Refining Prompts

Creating and editing prompts is now a piece of cake. The extension adds a panel to the interface where I can manage all prompts. I can write new ones from scratch, generate them from a description or tweak existing ones until they’re just right. And the best part? I can test them on the spot. No more switching back and forth, and copying and pasting, to and from the online playground – it’s all right there in VS Code.

Testing Prompts Like a Pro

Testing prompts is super important, right? We want to make sure our AI buddy understands us correctly. So, here’s how I do it with the extension:

  1. I make sure the extension is connected to my Azure account. With that set up all my AI endpoints show up.
  2. Then, I head over to the Semantic Kernel functions view, pick a prompt, or add a new one.
  3. With a simple click on “Run Function,” I can see the AI’s response in the Output view.

The Results Are In!

After tweaking and testing, I finally get the output I’m looking for. It’s incredibly satisfying to see the AI respond just the way I intended. And if it doesn’t? Well, back to the drawing board, but with the extension, it’s more fun than frustrating. Crafting good prompts might take a lot of iterating. This extension makes it as easy as possible.

Wrapping Up

I’ve got to say, the Semantic Kernel VS Code extension has been a revelation. It’s streamlined my workflow, made prompt management a joy, and saved me a ton of time. If you’re working with LLMs, I can’t recommend it enough.

So, what do you think? Are you as excited about this extension as I am? Have you tried it out yet? Drop your thoughts and experiences in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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