HMD.Link bookmarklet

Let’s make URL Sharing with even easier!

Hello Coders! 👾 I’m super excited to let you in on a nifty trick that I’ve conjured. It’s all about sprinkling a little convenience on those devs who often find themselves juggling URLs across devices. Imagine a bookmarklet that tacks on “" to the front of any URL, enabling swift sharing via Cool, right?

Bookmarklet? What’s That? 🤔

Let’s break it down. A bookmarklet is basically a ‘one-click’ wizardry tool saved as a URL bookmark in your web browser. But instead of whisking you away to a website, it performs an action using JavaScript when you give it a click.

My Magical Bookmarklet ✨

Here, let me show you the bookmarklet I whipped up:


Under the Hood: How it Works 🛠️

This byte-sized code runs a petite JavaScript function when clicked. It snags the current webpage’s URL (window.location.href), then adds a dash of “" to its beginning. The final result gives your browser’s location a fresh new URL. is an awesome tool for tossing URLs across devices. You can add links manually, but by sticking “" in front of any URL, we can whip up shareable links in no time flat. So, whether you’re coding on your laptop and need to fling a URL to your mobile or vice versa, this bookmarklet can save you heaps of time!

Let’s Get Started: How to Use 🏁

To get this bookmarklet working for you:

  1. Create a shiny new bookmark in your browser.
  2. Copy and paste the above JavaScript code into the URL field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Open any webpage and click on the newly created bookmark.
  5. And just like magic! You’re now redirected to an version of your current page.

Or… Take the easy route and drag this to your favorites bar: HMD.Link

And there you have it! This tiny tool has been an absolute timesaver in my coding escapades—I hope you find it just as beneficial.

Happy Coding! 🚀