Game Jam 2023 - Day 4

Devlog Day 4: Life at Pixel Farm

Making Money and Noise 🙉

Hello fellow devs! 🌱 Today marks the fourth day of working on my entry for the GameDev․tv Game Jam, and I am excited to share my progress on “Life at Pixel Farm”, a casual VR farming game with a 2D aesthetic. In this post, I will be discussing the changes and additions I made today.

Live Streaming the Development Process 🎥

I decided to do another live stream today on my YouTube channel. It was a great way to share my development process with others and get some valuable feedback from the viewers. If you missed it, don’t worry, there will be more live streams in the future!

You can watch the recording on my YouTube channel .

Fixing Bugs and Adding Music 🎶

During the live stream, I fixed a few small bugs, such as missing sprites. Additionally, before starting the stream, I composed a background song using FL Studio. I tried to get some inspiration from the music in games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. I also used my invaluable AI Assistant Rosie to get some quick inspiration on chords and melody. During the live stream, I added the song to the game, which really helped in setting the mood and atmosphere.

Implementing Money Mechanics 💰

One significant addition I made today was implementing a money system for harvesting crops. Now when players harvest their crops, they earn in-game currency. This adds an extra layer of incentive and makes the gameplay more engaging.

I also added the player’s current balance to the menu and made sure that planting a seed deducts the right amount from their balance. Similarly, when harvesting a crop, the appropriate amount is added to their balance.

Sound Effects 🎧

To further enhance the gaming experience, I added two little sound effects today. One plays when players don’t have enough money to plant a seed, while the other plays when players harvest a seed. The script used to play these sounds is pretty flexible and can easily be expanded with more sound effects in the future.

Wrapping Up Day 4 🎮

That’s all for today’s DevLog! I hope you enjoyed reading about my progress on “Life at Pixel Farm”. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue developing this casual VR farming game. Make sure to follow the page of the game so you can be one of the first to play it! Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Happy coding! 🚀