VR in a Box – Demo | Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Demo in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017

Following up on my previous post, I recorded the demo with some of the presentation leading up to the demo.

You can download the scripts I create in the video here.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything more…

Demo from my recent presentation on building a Google Cardboard VR app in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017. I very quickly go over what Google cardboard is. I describe what I did in preparation of the model. I than switch to Unity3D, import the Google SDK for Unity package (https://developers.google.com/vr/unity/download) and load up the model I created. I talk about adding the camera for VR, setting up the unlit materials and write some scripts for walking around and gazing at objects.


VR in a Box – Recap

VR in a Box

Last Wednessday, March 22th, I was given the opportunity to speak at an evening organized by the Dutch Mobile .NET meetup and hosted my Centric. Since I’ve been playing with the Google Cardboard and Unity3D for a while this was a nice opportunity to tell people about it.

I started with a small introduction with a bit of my history with VR and I explained what Google Cardboard is and how it works in combination with Unity3D.

The second part of the presentation was about converting a physical cardboard box into a 3D model. I talked about the process from taking and editing photos to creating the model and baking the textures.

The last part was about a quick introduction to  Unity3D, importing the model into Unity and showing it with dual cameras in Google VR. Eventually I wrote some code to walk around the model and how to handle in the event of the user gazing at a specific object in the scene.

These are the slides from the presentation. The demo will be available as a video soon.